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Why Your Car Enters Limp Mode

Solutions to Your Car’s Problem

If your car is struggling to reach higher speeds and some of the electrical components like the air conditioning won’t work, there may be something else causing those problems. Rather than checking if each of these individual components has the issue, there could be one central cause to the auto repair. One of the potential causes could be limp mode, which is exactly what it sounds like it is. Your car will greatly limit the speed it can go and lose functioning in some of the optional components.

Why Does Limp Mode Exist

But why would your car want to limit itself and go into limp mode? The same reason you limp with a broken leg is to prevent yourself from going too hard on it and further damaging it. Generally going faster is going to put more strain on your vehicle, and when it is in need of auto repair that can make that problem get worse or cause greater damage. So when your vehicle detects a problem that requires immediate attention, it also prepares to minimize any further damage until you can get to a safe place to repair it.

Not only does limiting the speed help prevent further damage, but automatically turning off optional electronics such as the air conditioning helps to conserve energy so that the car has enough fuel to make it to that destination.

What to Do When Limp Mode Activates

If you noticed these symptoms of reduced speed, check engine light goes on, and optional components turn off, all happening at once, you can assume your car is in limp mode. So what does that mean? You should go for auto repair immediately because you may have low fluid levels, a sensor may not be working, or your brakes need to be changed. All of these and more can become less dangerous if you drive slower, so limp mode has many different causes. The only way you can know for sure is to get professional diagnosis. You can come to Millennium Transmission & Auto care in Akron, OH to have your vehicle checked for any of these issues. Call us now at 234-226-1634 to schedule a service.

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