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4 Signs Your Transmission Needs Repair

Look, Smell, and Listen to Your Car

Transmission repair is not something you’d ordinarily get on your vehicle so most drivers are not looking for any signs of it. However, all vehicle owners should be paying attention to their car and keeping a mental note of any changes in the sounds, handling, or feel of their car. You may not know exactly the meaning of any changes or weird sensations from your car, but they can allow you to relay that information to someone who may have some more insight on how all cars work. Here are some signs you can pay attention to which may be caused by your transmission needing repair.

Burning Smell

The gears in your transmission need to move smoothly to create the right tension to convert power into movement. When there isn’t a smooth passage, the gears grind and create friction which can eventually create a lot of heat. This can smell like something is burning and it isn’t a good sign because this can cause some major damage if neglected. 

Gears Slipping or Getting Less Performance

If your car isn’t able to reach the speeds it should, or at least previous speeds you used to reach, it may be a transmission repair issue. Because your vehicle creates energy from the engine but the transmission converts that energy into motion, you need both to get speed. Low performance may be caused by the transmission failing to change gears. Not only does failing to change gears pose a problem, but also if you can feel the gears of your vehicle changing at the wrong times. This can mean your gears are slipping and you could lose control of your vehicle.

Grinding or Shaking

Because the transmission is near the driver’s seat, you’ll feel when something goes wrong. Grinding or shaking isn’t a good sign, but taking note of where it seems to come from can be helpful.

Leaking Fluid Check Engine Light

Finally, a good indication of transmission or really many different issues is the check engine light turning on. Whether it is transmission repairs you need or any other kind, you’ll want to go to a repair shop if you aren’t sure what the problem is. It could be low transmission fluid which does need to be done every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. If you’re in need of transmission repair come to Millennium Transmission & Auto Care in Akron, OH to have your vehicle checked. Call us to schedule a service at 234-226-1634.

Written by Millennium Transmission & Auto Care