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An Important Conversation: Talking with Your Mechanic

We're Drivers, Too

We've noticed that some drivers are hesitant to speak with mechanics. While it is indeed true that our ASE-certified technicians have training and expertise related to vehicles, we're drivers and people just like you. We just know all the technical terms for car parts and problems. As an owner/driver, you shouldn't be afraid to speak with the person performing the work on your transportation, and at Millennium Transmission & Auto Care in Akron, Ohio, you won't have to be. We love what we do! We appreciate our clients and look forward to taking care of your auto repair needs.

You're a Valuable Participant

Even if you don't speak in automotive jargon, you have a lot to contribute to the auto repair process. Be sure to tell your technician about particular signs you're noticing. Observations such as unusual noises, odd smells, fluid drips, where something seems to be coming from, and when a particular phenomenon happens are all good sources of information that can help a mechanic pinpoint the issue you're experiencing. Further, open communication is the best way to get the desired services. Make it known if you want a particular component or system checked. This will ensure that your item and list get covered regardless of the primary reason for the appointment. For instance, if you bring in your car for an oil and filter change, the service technician isn't likely to check the air conditioner unless you indicate that you have a cooling problem and need assistance. Finally, let us know what you need to understand what's going on with your automobile. We're happy to explain needed repairs and services and provide an itemized estimate.

Let's Talk

We've been in business for several decades and earned a great reputation. Those things don't happen by themselves. Our customers are satisfied and return for repeat visits because we maintain an open line of communication. Also, we provide a good value in auto care. A 24-month/24,000-mile warranty backs our work through our Napa AutoCare affiliation, and we can frequently offer you ways to save money. Be sure to check out our Specials page. Come to Millennium Transmission & Auto Care when ready for an auto repair. Let's talk!

Written by Millennium Transmission & Auto Care