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It’s a Band, Not a Single Instrument

The Band: Greater Together

As great as an individual musician or vocalist may be, when multiple players come together to form a band, they always achieve a sound that is different than one person could have accomplished alone. The same is true for your vehicle's braking system. Every part is crucially important, but the ease and safety with which you stop your automobile is dependent upon multiple parts working together as a unified entity. At Millennium Transmission & Auto Care in Akron, Ohio, we're trained and equipped to take care of all your brake repair needs, whether a single component needs replacing or the whole system needs attention.

Meet the Musicians

It's easy to think of "the brake" in much the same way you might regard a lead singer. Just like in the musical group, however, the brake pedal you press cannot do its job without all the other components, most of which you cannot even see from inside the passenger cabin. One you contact the pedal, a level and piston compress and move brake fluid through the brake hoses or lines from the master cylinder where the fluid is stored. Under hydraulic pressure, the fluid travels to the cylinder at each wheel. It then forces the brake calipers to move. Calipers hold the brake pads and force them against the rotor at each wheel. (Note: This applies to a disc brake system. If your older vehicle has drum brakes or your newer model has them on the rear wheels, a brake shoe contacts the drum that's turning inside each wheel.) In addition to these basic components, your modern automobile probably has a wheel speed sensor, an anti-lock braking system (ABS) control module, and a brake booster. All vehicles also have an emergency brake that works by employing a cable when engaged to safeguard against failure of the standard braking system.

Keep the Concert Going

To keep your braking system working as it should (like a well rehearsed band performing in a great concert), bring your vehicle to Millennium Transmission & Auto Care. We can take care of routine system inspections, preventive maintenance services, and brake repair as needed. Even better, we provide a 24-month/24,000 mile warranty through our Napa AutoCare affiliation on the repairs we make. Check out our Specials tab, too, because we may even be able to help you save money by taking advantage of a current offer.

Written by Millennium Transmission & Auto Care