Premium Brake Repair in Akron, OH

Staying Safe On The Road

Millennium Transmission & Auto Repair is here in Akron, OH to ensure your car brakes are operating properly. Faulty brakes can lead to a variety of dangerous situations and should never be overlooked. When it comes to keeping our customers safely on the road, we are extremely committed. Your brakes go under an immense amount of stress while working to slow or stop your car at any given time. Hydraulic pressure is sent out from a master cylinder to calipers which press the brake pads against the drums or brake discs (rotors). It is this contact point in which most of the damage to your brakes are done. This means every once in a while, the brake pads and possibly the drums or rotors will need replacing. The continuous rubbing between these components causes cracks, chips, and grooves that must be tended to in order for the brakes to work at peak performance. Come down to Millennium Transmission & Auto Repair for your brake repair today!

The ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified staff is here in Akron, OH to professionally repair your car brakes. The service we provide at our auto shop is based on two principles, honesty and quality. We make sure to take the time to educate our customers about their vehicles diagnoses just to ensure they know exactly what is going on with their car. The professional staff will carefully assess your car and find the fault in your system. Whether it is cracked or chipped brake pads, grooved rotors, dirty brake fluid, or any other problem needing fixing, our staff is here to accurately find and fix it. The automotive experts here at Millennium Transmission & Auto Repair are here for you to depend on.

Millennium Transmission & Auto Repair knows how tiringly stressful it can be to get your car repaired. Our shop takes pride in going the extra mile providing convenient extra services and specials that will take the weight off your shoulders and make your auto repair experience a breeze. Our family owned and operated has been the trusted source of true auto expertise since 1998. Bring your car in today, no matter the make and model, and experience the brake service you have been looking for. Our services are backed by competitive warranties because we know we deliver professional repairs and quality routine services. Our shop is located at 119 W. Waterloo Rd. in Akron, OH 44319 and we accept after hour drop off and pick ups just in case you are unable to stop by during regular business hours. Just be sure to let us know ahead of time by giving us a call at (330)-773-1998 or simply scheduling your appointment online. We hope to see you soon!