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Preventative Maintenance is Critical

The Importance of Auto Maintenance Millennium Transmission & Auto Care We Exceed Expectations Your car is one of your most significant investments. It’s not only dependable transportation, but it’s essential to your livelihood. So, it’s crucial to keep your vehicle well-maintained. Millennium Transmission & Auto Care knows how important your car is to you, so […]

Auto Repair Services We Offer

Auto Repair in Akron, Ohio Visit Millennium Transmission & Auto Care Your First Stop for Auto Repair Cars are our prized possessions. Not only do they take us from one place to another, but they are also a reflection of our personalities. When your car breaks down, it can be stressful and frustrating. That’s where […]

An Important Conversation: Talking with Your Mechanic

We’re Drivers, Too We’ve noticed that some drivers are hesitant to speak with mechanics. While it is indeed true that our ASE-certified technicians have training and expertise related to vehicles, we’re drivers and people just like you. We just know all the technical terms for car parts and problems. As an owner/driver, you shouldn’t be […]

Why Your Car Enters Limp Mode

Solutions to Your Car’s Problem If your car is struggling to reach higher speeds and some of the electrical components like the air conditioning won’t work, there may be something else causing those problems. Rather than checking if each of these individual components has the issue, there could be one central cause to the auto […]

Road Trip Prep

Why Visit an Auto Repair Shop? Few things are more fun than a road trip, but the fun ends if your vehicle leaves you stranded beside the road. Your family’s joy turns to the disappointment of not being able to reach the intended destination, and your traveling party could even be in danger if you […]

How To Get Your Car or Truck Ready for Summer

The Cold Won’t Last Forever! Ohio winters often seem as if they’ll never end, but Mother Nature eventually brings warmer temperatures around. Before the summer swelter arrives, it’s important to make sure your car or truck is prepared. While there are plenty of things you can do to enhance comfort, here are some tasks you […]