Check Engine Light in Akron, OH

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Millennium Transmission & Auto Repair has been providing the Akron, OH area with premium auto services since 1998. We are a family owned and operated business that takes pride in caring for our customers just like we would one of our kin. Our family can be seen around our shop making sure you get the best car service possible. We base our shop on honesty and quality. The expert staff here at Millennium Transmission & Auto Repair is ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified and is more than excited to get you the service you need. Whether it be routine service, a complex repair, or you need to figure out why your check engine light is on, we are here to help. We make sure to take the time to educate our customers about their auto servicing process. This is done to help them make the best decision possible and to make sure they understand what is going on. Our location is waiting to see you and have you back out on the road as soon as possible. Come to see us today!

The vehicles out on the road today are becoming increasingly more complex and advanced. The integration between mechanical and electrical components is growing meaning auto shops are required to have a deep understanding of both aspects. The cars carrying us today use a variety of computer systems to check and keep not only the engine, but the entire vehicle running clean, safe, and strong. OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) is a way in which a car’s computer systems can be checked to ensure they are at optimal levels. Models earlier than 1996 had ports to check these computers but it was not until 1996 that all the ports were standardized to be of one type. Before the OBD II that is commonly used today, the first OBD ports varied between manufacturers making it difficult for shops to be able to diagnose all vehicles. OBD II is now widely used and can be used to check your engine’s status and other systems in your car such as the ABS (Automatic Brake System). The experts at our shop here in Akron, OH are here to help you figure out exactly why your check engine light is on. We are not only capable of reading the codes from your car, but also able to process those codes and figure out exactly what is wrong. Come to see the professionals of Millennium Transmission & Auto Repair today.

The local auto shop we have here in Akron, OH is here to help you. We know car troubles can be a real hassle so we make sure to make it as convenient as possible. We expertly work on all makes and models to make sure you get the professional service you need. Come to see us today at 119 W. Waterloo Rd in Akron, OH 44319 and figure out why your check engine light is on. We also offer after hour pick up and drops offs just in case you have a busy schedule. Just be sure to schedule your appointment beforehand online or by giving us a call at (330)-773-1998. We cannot wait to see you!