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Catalytic Converters & Exhaust Systems

The catalytic converter in your exhaust is there to remove harmful gases and keep your car running clean for the environment. This is extremely important and is required to be functioning properly when checked during some annual state inspections. The oxygen sensors placed around your car’s exhaust system are in place to keep your car running as strong and efficient as possible. These sensors detect the amount of oxygen leaving your engine to make sure that the right about of air is being mixed in with the right amount of gasoline. A clogged or leaking system could affect the readings of these sensors meaning your engine could be overwhelmed with gas or also not be receiving enough gas. The exhaust segment of your system is in place to disrupt the sound waves leaving your engine and quiet them down for a smooth ride. To make sure your exhaust system is running optimally come down to Millennium Transmission & Auto Repair, we are here to help you with your exhaust repair and services.

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The ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified staff are here at our shop with both the knowledge and equipment to accurately assess your vehicle’s exhaust components. Our trained staff will check your car’s computer and exhaust parts to make sure it is running smoothly, safely, and soundly. We will make sure your car’s exhaust is mounted properly, without any holes or rust, while also checking your oxygen sensors and your catalytic converter for clogs. The ten bay facility we have here in Akron, OH is sure to get you the professional exhaust repair you need. The shop we have at 119 West Waterloo Rd Akron, OH 44319 accepts all makes and models and looks forward to helping you with your car. We also offer services such as financing and after hour pick up and drop offs just to make sure you get the service you deserve no matter what your situation is. Come down today and get the quality service, backed by a warranty, you need. Go ahead and schedule your appointment online or give us a call, at 330-773-1998, for any questions. We know you will be happy with the service you receive at Millennium Transmission & Auto Repair, we just can’t wait to show you.