Transmission Repair in Akron, OH | Millennium Transmission & Auto Care

Automatic & CVT Repair

Automatic and continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) are different types of transmissions but are similar in that they handle the gear shifting for you. If your automatic transmission develops a problem, you may notice a grinding or shaking sensation, poor engagement or response, whining, humming, clunking noises, or slipping gears. Various problems can cause these symptoms, such as low fluid levels, failed bearings, ECM malfunctions, and faulty torque converters. CVTs present similar symptoms when they experience an issue; examples include shuddering or jerking, overheating, and a delayed or lack of response. Belts that stretch too much, contaminated transmission fluid, or defective solenoids are some of the more common CVT problems. If you experience any of these symptoms, bring your vehicle in for an inspection; ignoring it can lead to more significant damage and potentially costly repairs. Our certified transmission repair technicians are properly equipped to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Manual Transmission Repair

Do you hear a grinding noise when shifting gears? Do you feel excessive vibrations when shifting or driving? When there’s a problem with your manual transmission, Millennium Transmission & Auto Care is your best bet. We have vast experience in manual transmission repair for all types of vehicles. Other symptoms you may notice include difficulty shifting gears or slipping gears, a burning odor, or a puddle of fluid under your vehicle. Manual transmissions can encounter various issues, such as a worn-out clutch, faulty synchros, a damaged gearbox, overheating due to a lack of lubrication, or a damaged transmission mount. If you experience any of these signs or other unusual behavior, book an appointment at our auto repair shop! Prompt action is of the essence to prevent extensive damage and even transmission failure. Our expert transmission repair technicians will determine the problem and execute the right repair. We look forward to serving you soon here at 119 West Waterloo Rd Akron, OH 44319.