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When Do You Need a New Transmission?

The transmission is a critical component that transfers power from the engine to the wheels. The lifespan of a vehicle’s transmission varies on numerous factors, including the type of vehicle, driving conditions, and maintenance history. Generally, a well-maintained transmission can last up to 150,000 miles or more. However, there is no set time or mileage for if or when a transmission will fail, and it is difficult to predict when it will need to be replaced. However, if your transmission starts to exhibit signs of a problem or failure, it’s important you bring your vehicle in for an inspection at your earliest convenience. Symptoms of a transmission issue include grinding or shaking sensations when shifting gears, a delay between the gear shifting and the vehicle moving, leaking fluid, gears that slip or fail to engage, and burning smells. We assure you our competent technicians will perform a thorough inspection to determine the exact issue and the best course of action for your vehicle.

Visit Us for Family-Friendly Service

At our auto repair shop, we offer expert transmission replacement for automatic, continuously variable, and manual transmissions. We understand that transmission replacement is a big undertaking, so we will only recommend replacement once we have exhausted all other options and deem it the right route for your vehicle. We use the latest equipment and high-quality parts to complete the procedure. Our family-owned and operated auto shop’s ASE-Certified and ASE-Master technicians are skilled and meticulous. We understand that a defective transmission can be a major inconvenience, so we strive to complete our work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Additionally, we will always provide you with transparent pricing; we offer a free estimate before we start any work. Other perks of working with us include after-hours pick-up and drop-off, financing, and the NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind warranty. Contact our transmission replacement team today at 330-773-1998 or stop by 119 West Waterloo Rd Akron, OH 44319. We are available Monday through Friday.